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OFA - Uniting the Australian Organic Industry

The Organic Federation of Australia (OFA) was established in 1998 as the peak body for the organic industry in Australia.

Our role is to work in co-operation with all sectors of industry and government to develop the Australian Organic Industry from a niche industry into a major component of Australian agriculture and deliver benefits to consumers, producers and the Australian environment

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The OFA fulfills a unifying national role for the organic industry by representing the interests of Australia's organic and biodynamic producers to industry and governments at the local, State and Federal level.

The OFA does not certify farmers. Our role is to work with all of the organic industry to further our common aims

The OFA is the only fully representative National Organic Body and includes all sectors of the industry: Certifiers, horticulture, broadacre agriculture, meat production, wholesalers, exporters, retailers, consumers, processors, IFOAM, inspectors, regional organisations, education and research.



MEDIA RELEASE The Australian community is adamant that organic food must remain free of any level of contamination from genetically manipulated crops. This is what the results of a survey conducted recently by the Organic Federation of Australia clearly show. “The Australian organic community is about to make a momentous...

Organic food is the future of food. This is what OFA believes and works for, and it was also the message that came through at the recent Eatalian Bio event held in Melbourne on October 22nd. Eatalian Bio has been building strong links in Australia through their project focusing on...

Thirty business leaders from the organic industry met last week in Adelaide to hear keynote speaker CEO of Bellamy’s Organic Laura McBain speak about the immense potential for growth in the organics industry in Australia.